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DIAGER INDUSTRIE designs and develops machining solutions for the future, perfecting innovations in the cutting tool field in order to optimise your processes and costs.

Analytical equipment


Control of validated parts

  • Coordinate measuring to determine tool sizes: dispersion of the dimensions between different reaming or machining operations (Cp-Cpk)
  • Roughness meter: to check surface conditions
  • Inspection of bores
  • Inspection of machining burrs




Tool control

  • Digital cameras capable of enlarging images from x 10 to x 320, as well as checking wear and edge sharpness
  • Laser dimensional measuring
  • Presetting device



Test equipment

Test platform consisting of :

  • 24,000 rpm machining centre with 50 bar central lubrication or central microlubrication, HSK 63-A spindle, Siemens 840D CNC control system
  • Kistler table for tool/material pairing
  • Bench for drilling units for aircraft assembly